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Cryogenic Treatment, or Cryogenic Processing, modifies the micro-structure of metals by subjecting them to sub zero temperatures (down to –190°C). Cryogenic treatment helps to reduce voids or imperfections present in the crystal structure of the steel by converting retained austenite into martensite .When metals are machined, the machining causes stresses in the material that could lead to possible fatigue failures. Cryogenic Treatment greatly reduces or eliminates fatigue failures, as well as the propagation of cracks in the metal components.

1. Increase durability > higher consistency of grain structure
2. Relieve Stresses > reduce fatigue failures
3. Improve wear resistance > convent the retained austenite to martensite in steel

Cryogenic treatment have been noted to improve the strength, durability as well as the wear and tear of most metallic items; engines components , brake rotors, gun barrels, musical instruments to industrial tooling and dies. The applications for cryogenic treatment are numerous. Engine parts will wear slower and run cooler, sport equipments will be stronger, blades will cut cleaner and longer, electrical components will have less resistance, and musical instruments will have better signal transmission.