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Established in Dec 1989, Doxon spearheaded the plasma heat treatment technology in Singapore to support the various local industries. Through the years, we have broadened the scope of our services to include Vacuum Heat Treatment, Induction Hardening and Standard Heat Treatments such as annealing, tempering and precipitation hardening. To-date, our clientele spans from the automotive, precision engineering, offshore oil, aerospace, ordnance, mold making and tool and die industry.

With a history of more than 2 decades behind us, we have earned the reputation of being a trustworthy organization. And we shall continue to uphold and guard this reputation zealously; to protect our Client’s interests, safeguarding all confidential and proprietary information.

We believe in nurturing our team of engineers and workers with sound moral values – dedication, integrity and commitment to our work and our Clients. We strive for technological excellence, quality and reliability.

We strive to be an organization where staff can realize their fullest potential through intellectual pursuit, on-the-job learning and team work.

Doxon will continue to grow steadily and we will not hesitate to diversify into new areas of technical excellence. We are always ready to take on new challenges and business opportunities in the global market. To this end, we are open to new ideas and any commercial collaboration. Should you have a business proposal, please contact us by phone or email us at:

Finally, do browse through our web pages, and feel free to give us any comments and inquiry by e-mail at